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SOLO 350 HS side

SOLO Handheld saw - 350 HS

. 81cc 2-stroke engine

. Power 4.0kW / 5.44 HP

. Max cutting depth 125 mm

. Cutting wheel Ø 350 mm

No more fuel mixture worries.

Solo gas-powered cutoff saw with two-stroke engine uses iLube to electronically add oil to fuel. Easy starting for long service intervals with electronic ignition and no manual choke to pull.

High quality German manufacture.

Applications and Features :

  • Auto Choke and Primer

  • iLube® meters oil to fuel—no mixing required!

  • “Intelligent” Diaphragm Carburetor with electronic choke adjustment

  • Catalytic Converter EU II / EPA 3

  • Decompression valve makes for easy pull starts

  • Multi-stage air filter is self-cleaning

  • Air Filter Cleaning Knob

  • Ergonomic design for fatigue-free operation

  • Dual function, one push stop/safety switch for simple operator control

  • Saw features optimal weight distribution, lightweight magnesium wheel cover and anti-vibration system.

  • Equipped for wet cutting with hose adapter

  • Includes combi tool, 1in. blade adapter and manual

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