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Shibuya Vacuum pads XL
Shibuya Vacuum pads L


Vacuum pads

Shibuya vacuum pads are the most effective available.

They enable core drill machines to be mounted on to flat surface, using a vacuum pump, without the need for mechanical fasteners.

Available sizes :

  • STEP- fits on steps for TS-132/ 162/ 165

  • S for TS-132/ 162/ 165

  • L for TS-132/ 162/ 165/ 252/ 255

  • XL for TS-132/ 162/ 165/ 252/ 255/ 403/ 405

Caution !

Shibuya Vacuum pads S
  • Never use the vacuum pads for drilling in unstable positions.

  • Use a vacuum pump which suction power is enough to maintain vacuum degree of -0.08 to -0.1MPa
    (-0.8 to -1bar, -60 to -75cmHg, or -23 to -29inHg).

Specifications and product appearances are subject to change without prior notice.

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