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Shibuya H2531.JPG

Efficient large diameter holes with single phase power.

3.45KW  Industrial 3 speed single phase motor

SHIBUYA Drill Rig - H2531

Applications and Features :

  • Ideal machine for 250 to 600mm core holes as supplied. Additional spacers available.

  • Extremely rigid stand with 32 roller 2 speed carriage.

  • Ideal match with Shibuya auto feed system.

  • Multi-position water swivel inlet for convenience.

  • Quick change right and left feed handle positions.

  • Quick release motor mount with carry handle.

  • Positive carriage lock.

  • Stand Column: 1106 mm with 634 mm stroke.

  • 73 x 73 mm extruded steel square column.

  • Under voltage and motor overload protection. Safety clutch

  • Portable Residual Current Device (P.R.C.D.) automatically shuts off electricity in the event of electric leakage. 

  • Tool kit including wrenches and allen keys

Stand: TS-605
Options: 1500mm column and swivel top 


Four-sided roller carriage Shibuya Core drill - R2531

Four-sided roller carriage

for smooth and stable


Quick release spacer Shibuya Core drill - R2531

Quick release spacer

(standard accessory)

enables easy mounting/

dismounting of the motor.

Drill carriage Shibuya Core drill - R2531

1:1 direct gear &

1:2.4 reduction gear shaft.

stadard tool kit Shibuya Core drill - R2531

Standard tool kit


  • Allen Key 5, 6, 8 mm

  • Ratchet Wrench 19 x 21 mm

  • Double-End Spanner 19 x 21 mm

  • Single-End Spanner 24, 36 mm

  • Core Removal Wedge Lasso

  • W1/2″ Square Washer

  • Threaded Bolt, Nut



Shibuya ventilation.JPG

The motor ventilation system is designed to prevent water from flowing inside the motor while allowing maximum airflow. Shibuya motors run very cool and quite.

Shibuya PRCD.JPG

P.R.C.D cuts off the electricity when it detects electric leakage. (Standard feature for 220-240V machine only.)

Shibuya circuit protector.JPG

The circuit protector is conveniently located on the drill and features motor overload protection.

Shibuya handle.JPG

Move the feed handle on right or left side with ease to accommodate different working conditions. No tools necessary.

Shibuya water inlet.JPG

The water inlet valve swivels 360˚ to allow easy water hose connection even in the tightest work places.

Specifications and product appearances are subject to change without prior notice. 

The diamond core bit in the picture is not included in the item.

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