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Shibuya H2231.JPG

The Drilling Professionals Workhorse just got better.

Now with even more grunt.

Precision drilling of 50 to 400mm core holes.

3.45 kw Industrial 3 speed single phase motor

SHIBUYA Drill Rig - H2231
Outstanding performance.

Applications and Features :

  • Concrete and reinforcing technology has improved toughness to the new levels now specified in many constructions.

  • Older type machines and diamond tools can struggle with this more difficult material.

  • Shibuya have been manufacturing core drills since 1969. H2231 is the modern high performance solution for today's concrete. 

  • The Shibuya H2231 motor lowers rpm when encountering harder materials such as rebar and speeds up in concrete, without electronics or gear changes.

  • Powerful, quiet and cool running motor suitable for continuous use.

  • The 8 roller carriage and column offer unrivaled rigidity and accuracy ensuring maximum power is used at the drill tips and minimal power is lost through rubbing the side of the core barrel.

  • Multi-position water swivel inlet for convenience.

  • Geared feed with quick change right and left feed handle positions.

  • Under voltage and motor overload protection. Safety clutch

  • Portable Residual Current Device (P.R.C.D.) automatically shuts off electricity in the event of electric leakage. 

  • Stand Column

    • Standard: 1003 mm with 633 mm stroke.

    • Angle: 1060 mm with 655 mm stroke.

  • 60 x 60 mm square column.

  • Tool kit including wrenches and allen keys.

Stand options :

  • TS-405 Roller stand

  • TS-405 Angle roller stand 45°-0°-45°

  • 1500mm Column

  • Swivel Top

  • Quick release motor/stand connection

Shibuya swivle base.JPG

A swivel base available as option


Shibuya TS405.jpg

Standard Tool Kit TS-405


  • Allen Key 4 and 6 mm

  • Ratchet Wrench 19 x 21 mm

  • Single-End Spanner 36 mm

  • Nut Driver 7 mm

  • Core Removal Wedge Lasso

  • W1/2″ Square Washer

  • Threaded Bolt, Nut

Shibuya TS405-AB61.jpg

Standard tool kit TS-405(AB61)


  • Allen Key 4, 6, 8, 10 mm

  • Ratchet Wrench 19 x 21mm

  • Ring Wrench 19 x 21mm

  • Single-End Spanner 36 mm

  • Nut Driver 7 mm

  • Core Removal Wedge Lasso

  • W1/2″ Square Washer

  • Threaded Bolt, Nut



Shibuya ventilation.JPG

The motor ventilation system is designed to prevent water from flowing inside the motor while allowing maximum airflow. Shibuya motors run very cool and quite.

Shibuya PRCD.JPG

PRCD cuts off the electricity when it detects electric leakage.

Shibuya circuit protector.JPG

The circuit protector is conveniently located on the drill and features motor overload protection.

Shibuya handle.JPG

Move the feed handle on right or left side with ease to accommodate different working conditions. No tools necessary.

Shibuya water inlet.JPG

The water inlet valve swivels 360˚ to allow easy water hose connection even in the tightest work places.

Specifications and product appearances are subject to change without prior notice. 

The diamond core bit in the picture is not included in the item.

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