Shibuya AFS-R_edited.jpg

Automatic feed core drilling system AFS-R

Applications and Features :

  • Feeds the drill motor automatically.

  • Detects the load of the drill motor and automatically adjusts the feeding speed of the core drill.

  • Adjusts when encountering reinforcing steel, hard and soft material.

  • Reinforcing bar detection feature can be set to avoid cutting through reinforcing.

  • Mountable on right and left side of the carriage block.

  • Automatically shuts off when the core bit penetrates through the working material.

  • Manual depth stop also provided.

  • Suitable for continuous drilling.

  • Lightweight and fast to attach.

  • Fits most Shibuya motors


Shibuya AFS-R setting.JPG

Setting example
Motor, stand, and bit are not included with this item.

Shibuya AFS-R plate.JPG

Adaptor Plate for TS-402/403/405 (Standard Accessory). The adaptor plate for TS-252 and 255 is an optional accessory.

Shibuya AFS-R stopper.JPG

Stopper (optional accessory)


Specifications and product appearances are subject to change without prior notice. 

The diamond core bit in the picture is not included in the item.