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CEDIMA Wall saw - WS-451 EH

. Max. cutting depth 730 mm

. Blade Ø 600-1600 mm

. Max blade without precut 800 mm

. Blade mounting 60 mm

. Performance 30 kW

CEDIMA offers a carefully designed and user-friendly wall saw system. The larger series of saws are ideal for continuous work. The high quality materials and components ensure straight cuts in difficult materials and completed easily and quickly.

Applications and Features :

  • the WS-451 EH is the electro-hydraulic version of series WS-451

  • big capacity hydraulic or 15kW high frequency blade drive with auto feed

  • the feed motors are electric and operated via the compact control KS-04 in combination with a universal control box

  • equipped with an anti-jamming function that adapts automatically the feed speed in case of decreasing blade speed

  • standard flange also suitable for flush cutting + shortest setup-times when saw blade change

  • can easily be disconnected from the saw body with the quick-release system and the motor plug

*without blade drive motor


Quality German design & engineering

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