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Cedima WS-296
Cedima WS-296 motor
Cedima WS-296 motor 2
Cedima WS-296 motor 3
Cedima WS-296 motor 4
Cedima WS-296 motor 5

CEDIMA Wall saw - WS-296

. Max. cutting depth 430 mm

. Max. blade Ø 1000 mm

. Performance 11 kW

. Blade mounting 60 mm

. Weight 31kg with motor / 22kg without motor

CEDIMA offers a carefully designed and user-friendly wall saw system. The excellent wall saw systems enable a clean cut and make elaborate reworks be a thing of the past.

The strong and precise construction enables cutting-speeds often associated with much larger saws. WS-296 comes with high frequency power with auto feed.

Applications and Features :

  • WS-296 wall saw comes with high-frequency motor HFM-11 and transport box

  • protection of the whole wall saw system due to nondestructive overload coupling

  • slim and space-saving design

  • blade mounting by means of centre screw from behind, thus a simple and easy saw blade change is possible

  • standard flange also suitable for flush cutting + shortest setup-times when saw blade change

  • separate cable with bayonet clutch

  • with standard bypass drive motor

  • on the basis of high-quality materials an extremly high efficiency is reached

  • modern cooling system ensures a sufficient cooling of the motor also with less water flow

  • can easily be disconnected from the saw body with the quick-release system and the motor plug

Quality German design & engineering

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