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Cedima CTS-57G
Cedima CTS-57G angle
Cedima CTS-57G bis
cts-57 G back

Brick saw - CTS-57 G

. Max. cutting depth 135 mm

. Max. cutting length 600 mm

. Max. blade Ø 400 mm

CTS-57G is designed for cutting quickly and precisely pavers, bricks, clinkers, natural stone and similar materials. The combination of stability and technical details make it the ideal equipment for daily use

Features :

  • powerful blade drive motor (made in Germany)

  • fixable swivel cutting head, adjustable for mitre cuts from 0° to 45°

  • smooth-running roller table with adjustable lateral stop

  • supply of cooling water by an industrial electric water pump

  • water is recycled for minimal site mess.

  • the water and slurry collection tray has a raised overflow plug allowing water, without the solids, into the pump bucket

  • easy transport and loading by removable plug-in feet, transport rollers, carrying handles and crane eyes

Loading and transport :

CEDIMA CTS-57G folded

For transport unlatch the feet and swivel them up below the water container. For simple loading in a vehicle, place the wheels into the fittings at the cross bar.

Thus the saw can be placed onto the loading platform and rolled without difficulty.

Quality German design & engineering

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