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Cedima CSA-100H
Cedima CSA-100H stand

CEDIMA Wire saw - CSA-100H

. Max. output hydraulic motors 20 kW

. Oil quantity hydraulic drive 25-40 l/min

. Max. working pressure drive 250 bar

The CEDIMA CSA-100 is a repeatedly patended and awarded machine for the execution of small and medium separating cuts by means of diamond wires.

Despite its small dimensions and its low weight you can achieve an extremely high output of up to 20 kW.

Retracts 6.5 meters of wire internally, ideal for mounting on or near to material being cut.

Auto feed keeps wire pressure constant.

Quickly separated into easy to handle components. 

Applications and Features :

  • extremely light and compact basic machine, only 48 kg

  • high output, up to 20 kW

  • short set-up and cutting times, patended protective and security technology

  • large wire storage (wire feeder 6.5m + 1.5m external = 8m)

  • wire diameter 6-12 mm, recommended 8.5 mm

  • only 2 dowel points + 4 bore holes at the edges necessary for making of window or door opening

  • drive technology either hydraulic or with the new type CEDIMA high-frequency electric drive

  • variable wire speed 0-27 m/s of high-frequency electric drive

  • very easy handling due to automatic feed system

  • extremely easy transport, especially for the high-frequency version

  • highgrade aluminium rolls with exchangeable rubber bandages

  • wide range of accessories such as

                . wall foot type P-6000 with mounting tube, set of

                  wheels for foot P-6000

                . precise pivoting foot by 360°

                . ground mounting foot

                . various rolls and wire guiding systems

*by displacing the machine on the mounting tube

Quality German design & engineering


Carry case SHIBUYA Core Drill R1522

The modular construction makes the CSA-100 the ideal 1-man machine. The single components do not exceed 21 kg

Carry case SHIBUYA Core Drill R1522

By means of the precise pivoting foot and corresponding mounting tubes, the machine can optionally be fixed to the ground or directly to the wall

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