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Cedima CD-HYD1

1.8 meter column and auto feed are available

CEDIMA Hydraulic drill rig

Quality German design & engineering

Applications and Features :

  • Ideal for core drill holes from 50mm to 1meter

  • 0 to 900 RPM with interchange motors

  • Suits a wide variety of hydraulic power packs from 30 to 60l/min and 150 to 250 bar.

  • Quick change motors are used to select the ideal rpms for the hole size. Maximum power is delivered without the need for a gearbox.

  • Low maintenance and high production.

  • The drill stand features a stainless steel column, 16 roller 2 speed carraige, angle base. A telescopic back brace can be fitted when angle drilling large holes.


Cedima Hydraulic power pack HAG-12.10

Hydraulic automatic feed system

1.8 meter column with 1.5 meter lift, back brace and wheel kit are available

Hydraulic power pack HAG-12.10

Cedima Motor mounting

Motor mounting / distance plate type K (thickness 170 mm)

Hydraulic drill motor options:
Motors are fitted with a control lever and over pressure relief valve

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